The microencapsulation solution by Natura laboratoriji for food industry is based on a complex coacervation where a combination of natural polysaccharide and a protein are used for entrapment of hydrophobic molecules. All materials used are naturally sourced food grade ingredients and vegan compliant. The final material is a dry powder.

There are 4 main goals being achieved by this propietary method of microencapsulation:


Fast solubilisation

NL microencapsulated products are dry nanoemulsions which have a »self emulsifying« property when introduced into water. This means that powder is soluble in water and a homogenous dispersion is obtained within seconds.


Increased bioavailability

nano and microencapsulation techniques have proven effects of enhancing bioavailability through various active ingredients. NL microencapsulated products are developed to survive low stomach pH and be target opened after pancreatic enzyme contact in a gut. A complex of enzymes being secreted from pancreas successfully degrades protein-polysaccharide wall complex for active ingredients release.  


Improved stability

when active ingredient is prone to degradation due to various reasons, microencapsulation techniques have proven to be stability enhancers.


Masking taste

taste is a sign of an exposure. NL microencapsulated products for food industry have no taste.

The complex coacervation is a phenomenon that takes place in colloid systems. Macromolecular colloid rich coacervate droplets surround dispersed microcapsule cores to form a viscous microcapsule wall which is solidified with cross-linking agents. The final product is water suspension with floating microcapsules called slurry.

An additional challenge of microencapsulation is drying. Especially food supplements are preferably sold as dried material in different final forms. Spray drying is usually used for this purpose, however due to the heat created during this process the demands of the active material and wall material sometimes cannot be met. We developed a proprietary methods of drying different microencapsulated ingredients concerning the termic properties of material and still obtaing a fine, self-emulsifying powder. One of these processes is patented under number P-201900223.


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